3D Printing


With a varying array of machines and setups, we can modify the process used as required based on your critical parameters. For strong functional parts, we can utilize larger nozzles and layer sizes. For tight tolerances and smooth finishes, smaller nozzles and layer sizes. Enclosed machines for high temperature materials. High temp hotends up to 450c for engineering materials. The more we know about your application, the better recommendations we can make about the right process for you!



With over 100kg of material in stock, and several suppliers with material available in 1 business day we can get your job rolling quickly.

  • PLA \ HTPLA \ Metal or Wood Filled PLA
  • PETG
  • ABS \ ABS+ \ ASA
  • Nylon6 \ Nylon230 \ Alloy910
  • PC-ABS \ PC-PBT \ ePC and other Polycarbonate blends
  • PC-PBT
  • PEI, PPSU PEKK and mare can be analyzed upon request.
  • TPE \ TPU Flexibles
  • Soluble supports with PVA or HIPS
  • Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber infused variants available
  • ESD safe variants available

Post Processing

We can join multiple piece prints together with either post and glue, or chemical welding depending on material compatibility. We can also sand and epoxy coat for a smooth finish. Vapor polishing with acetone available for ABS as well.


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